Cell Rescue (Formerly Anti-Inflammatory) Mountain Peak

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Now called Cell Rescue 

Relief from both acute and chronic inflammatory conditions

Anti-Inflammatory™  includes the most clinically tested and scientifically recognized nutritional ingredients to combat the complications of inflammation, without the dangerous side effects often caused by traditional, anti-inflammatory pharmaceuticals.

  • Bromelain blocks certain pro-inflammatory metabolites that accelerate the inflammation process
  • Bioavailable curcumin (Meriva®) maintains a healthy inflammatory response with antioxidant and immunostimulatory effects
  • Serrapeptase and protease reduce inflammation by neutralizing the biochemicals of inflammation to levels were repair of injured tissue can take place


Recommended Use:  1-2 capsules as needed, or as directed. For best results take at least 30 minutes before or after eating.

Available in 90 vegetarian capsules


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