Kickstart My Heart (Liver/Heart Bison Organ Complex)

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Doctors have recommended eating organs to heal for many years. Heart problems? Eat heart. Liver problems? Eat liver. On and on. 

Our ancestors were hunter-gatherers. The prize of the hunt was the organs of the animal due to the nutrient density of the liver and heart. No other food can compare. Better than any collagen powder. 

Liver and Heart contain every essential vitamin, mineral, amino acid, and fat. 

At Natural Heart Doctor, we source the finest liver and heart available from free-range bison to support your optimal health and wellness. This is freeze-dried food in a capsule. 

Other organ products come from older animals, typically cattle that have been milked for years, medicated, and confined, then shipped from New Zealand. 

BISON is the best food roaming in the USA. They are majestic animals that we bless for their sacrifice to support optimal human nutrition. 

  • Full-spectrum of vitamins A, D, E, K
  • Full spectrum of B vitamins
  • Full spectrum of essential fatty acids
  • Full spectrum of amino acids
  • Excellent source of CoQ10 and glutathione

400mg of freeze-dried Bison Liver from Free-range American Bison.

100mg of freeze-dried Bison Heart from Free-range American Bison.

 Kick Start 

    Contraindications: If you are on medication, check with your doctor or pharmacist about any potential interactions kickstart




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