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Panplex 2-Phase blends pancreatic enzymes with hydrochloric acid and pepsin to provide support for healthy digestion. The first phase offers gastric support through hydrochloric acid and pepsin. In the second phase, digestive enzymes from pancreatin are supplemented with bile salts to promote the intestinal phase of digestion.

Panplex 2-Phase Supplement Facts


Panplex 2-Phase Usage Guidelines

For adults, take 1 or 2 capsules twice daily with meals, or as advised by a healthcare professional.

Caution This product is not advisable for individuals with peptic ulcers, gastritis, or heartburn. If you are pregnant, nursing, diabetic, or taking any medications, consult with a healthcare professional before use. Keep out of the reach of children. The product is safety-sealed with an inner seal; do not use if the seal is broken or missing. Keep the container tightly closed and store at room temperature. Avoid exposure to excessive heat and direct sunlight.


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