Wild Salmon Roe - 180 capsules

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Get all the health benefits of Pacific Wild Salmon Roe without the fishy taste and without all the mess. Our wild salmon roe is freeze dried and put into a gel cap for convenience. No worries about storing salmon roe in a refrigerator. No mess to clean up. Store our gel cap wild salmon roe at room temperature and take it whenever and wherever you like. No added ingredients (not even salt)…just premium freeze dried Pacific Wild Salmon Roe in a gel cap for your health and convenience.

Wild Salmon Roe


Heart Health Promotes Heart Health Immune System Supports Immune System Inflammation Helps Reduce Inflammation Brain Health Supports Brain Health Depression Protects Against Depression Antioxidant Improves Antioxidant Profile Muscle Growth Supports Muscle Growth Fertility Improves Fertility Cognition Enhances Cognition


Wild Salmon Roe are the eggs of salmon, and they are one of the most nutrient dense foods on the planet.

The term "superfood" is overused in my opinion. But if there ever truly was a superfood, Wild Salmon Roe is it. The roe contains EVERYTHING a salmon needs to come to life!

Traditional cultures recognized the health benefits of Wild Salmon Roe, often traveling hundreds of miles to get these fish eggs to feed to women of childbearing age so they'd have the healthiest babies.

Animals instinctively know the benefits of these salmon eggs. Watch as this black bear instinctively knows where to go:

Dr. Jack Wolfson

The only problem with Wild Salmon Roe is its taste. Many people complain that it tastes too fishy and is slightly messy.

That's why we freeze dry it and put it into a gel capsule. No more fishy taste. No more mess. No need to keep refrigerated. Just store at room temperature and take six capsules daily.

There are many powerful reasons to make our Pacific Wild Salmon Roe part of your daily selfcare routine. There is no downside. I encourage you to start using it today.

fit 50 year old women

Pacific Wild Salmon Roe capsules from Natural Heart Doctor is a safe and effective nutritional supplement for adults when used as directed by the label.

Dosing Instructions:

Adults: Take six capsules daily with water.

Children Under Age 16: Consult your physician


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