SBO Kit - Intensive Gut Support

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SBO Kit is a comprehensive 30 day evidence based supplementation program to promote optimal digestion and to balance the gut microbiome. This is an ideal 30 day program to help restore your gut to ideal operating levels.

Put the power of evidence based targeted nutritional supplementation to work for you to promote optimal gut health. This 30-day program comes with an easy to use, easy to follow guidebook to balance your gut microbiome.

This product is ideal for:

  • Those with digestion issues
  • Those with gas, bloating and acid reflux
  • People who consume lots of over the counter antacids
  • Suffers of leaky gut
  • People wanting to reset their gut and digestion to optimal levels
SBO Kit Fact Sheet
Dr. Jack Wolfson

Use as directed by the user guidebook that comes with this kit.


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