Wine (Dry farm wines)

Dry Farm Wines are the purest wines in the world, free from toxic additives. Their grapes are grown in organic soils on family farms. Every wine has been lab tested for purity. They offer a huge selection of wines, and we love the taste! They’re pure, they’re non-toxic, and this wine tastes great!

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Dry farm wines

Many of us appreciate a glass of wine every so often. This beverage has been around since about 6,000 BC and is often enjoyed in the company of others while celebrating an occasion, eating a meal, or simply savoring the robust flavor.

No Roman artist or poet produced a magnificent sculpture or painting without first enjoying a glass or two of wine!

At Natural Heart Doctor, we believe that occasional wine consumption (one or two glasses a week) can be beneficial and is perfectly acceptable for health. However, like anything you put into your body, it is essential to know where it comes from. We recommend just one company for their pure wine, safe growing practices, chemical-free aging process, and organic philosophy. This company is Dry Farm Wines.

Every bottle of Dry Farm Wines is:

Organically/biodynamically grown grapes
• Lower in alcohol (less than 12.5%)
• No sugar – less than .15 grams/glass
• Lower sulfites (less than 75ppm)
• Dry farmed – no irrigation
• Fermented with 100% native, non-GMO yeast
• Free of additives (dyes, thickeners or flavoring)
• Keto and Paleo-friendly

The FDA allows more than 70 additives for wine treatment and processing; some are safe and natural, while others are chemically derived. Only 38 of the 70 are GRAS (generally regarded as safe).

Conventional wines use sugar, genetically engineered substances, sulfur, and known carcinogens. Toxins are a root cause of chronic disease — adding them to wine for mass production and profit is criminal.

For your health and drinking pleasure, switch to Dry Farm Wines. They have a very flexible subscription service, so you will never be outof your organic, pesticide-free wines. You will taste and feel the difference. Chemicals, not just alcohol, can make you feel hungover and exhausted after drinking wine.

If you feel alcohol does not agree with you or you have persistent Afib, simply find a substitute such as kombucha. Kombucha is bubbly and celebratory, especially if you put it in a wine glass, and it is delicious when mixed with San Pellegrino sparkling water.

For those of you who like to indulge at times, make sure that what you drink is clean, organic, and free from chemicals and pesticides. Enjoy your Dry Farm wine today, and your body will thank you for making the switch.

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