Advanced MYC Support Kit

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The Advanced MYC Support Kit encourages more intensive detoxification and is intended as a next step for patients/clients who have completed the MYC Support Kit.*

Patients/clients will continue to take three key supplements from the MYC Support Kit for optimizing cellular repair, drainage, and mitochondrial function.

Kit includes:

  • Advanced TUDCA
  • BC-ATP
  • CT-Minerals (Two Bottles of 30 Capsules OR 1 bottle of 60 caps)
  • Carboxy
  • CT- Biotics

* By supporting mitochondria, patients/clients may also experience improved cognitive function, energy levels, and immunity.*

***Carboxy (our most potent binder) and CT-Biotic are introduced in this kit as advanced detox support supplements. Together, they promote cleansing beyond the gut and help maintain a balanced gut microbiome.*


Once you order and receive your kit, schedule your CellCore introductory call with a Certified Health Coach at


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