Mold and Bacteria Swiffer Test Kit (#8 swiffer test)

$697.00 USD

If you are living in water-damage, you will NEVER be healthy. 

Water damage leads to growth of mold and bacteria.

And these living organisms can be a health disaster, leading to ANY health problem. 

You may think your home is not affected. But you NEED to test. 

Check your home to make sure that you and your family are safe.

This is a combination test made of three tests:

  • Actino
  • Endotoxin
  • ERMI test.

Test comes with a complimentary review with a health professional at NHD. 

Collection - Swiffer Kit

Actino - The most frequent species of bacteria found in buildings damaged by water are Actino. This is the type of bacteria produces biotoxins similar to mycotoxins. 

The test is based on the microbial identification of all bacteria in the sample. The Actino test was developed by selecting the 40 main species of Actino in the sample to create a score for building-related illness (BRI).

The species included in the score have been reported in multiple studies that link them to BRI.

Endotoxin - Endotoxins are derived from the cell walls of Gram-negative bacteria (GNB). Gram-negative bacteria are found almost anywhere in nature. Their toxins are found within the outer layer membrane of the GNB cell wall. They do not have to be living, therefore both viable and non-viable gram-negative bacteria contribute endotoxins.

The most common routes of endotoxin exposure are through inhalation, or through intestinal tract absorption through food or water. The health effect of endotoxins varies depending on the individual, dosage, and route of exposure. 

ERMI- The US Environmental Protection Authority developed ERMI to provide a straightforward, objective, sensitive and standardized way to assess mold and indoor air quality investigations. The USEPA developed the ERMI as a ranking system based on dust samples collected from homes, the ERMI will help predict the moldiness of homes.

Based on widely published data from EPA researchers and the 2006 HUD American Healthy Home Survey, the test has been developed as a tool to evaluate the potential risk of indoor mold growth and associated health effects to occupants. Upon purchasing the ERMI, you will get a HERTSMI -2 along with it.


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