CellCore Comprehensive Protocol Phase 3

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For the 5-month protocol, order one each of Phases 1, 2, 3, 4a and 4b.

For the 9-month protocol, purchase a new kit for month 4 and another for month 5.

Phase 3 consists of BC-ATP, CT-Minerals (Two Bottles of 30 Capsules OR 1 bottle of 60 caps), LymphActiv, Para 1, Para 3, and ViRadChem Binder.

Phase 3 builds momentum for deeper, whole-body cleansing.

  • LymphActiv will continue to promote healthy drainage pathways, including lymphatic drainage.
  • Para 1 and adding Para 3 will support the removal of occasional intestinal buildup and the body’s natural ability to detoxify.
  • ViRadChem Binder is introduced to promote systemic detoxification and lessen unwanted reactions.

***Patients will continue to take BC-ATP and CT-Minerals to optimize ATP production, energy levels, and immune function.


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