CellCore Foundational Protocol Step 1 / Month 1

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Step 1 consists of BC-ATP, BioToxin Binder, CT-Minerals, and KL Support.

The products in Step 1 deliver key nutrients for optimizing mitochondrial health and establishing healthy drainage pathways — both of which are essential before promoting periods of detoxification. This also helps make the detox process smoother and encourages sustained energy as your patient moves through the protocol.

  • BC-ATP assists the body with ATP production.
  • CT-Minerals enhances mental clarity, nourishes tissues, promotes immunity, and supports cellular repair and detoxification.
  • KL Support helps maintain kidney and liver function.
  • BioToxin Binder lends increased support to the body’s natural detoxification processes and the gut microbiome, which in turn supports healthy digestion.

Once you order your kit, contact health@naturalheartdoctor.com to schedule your CellCore introductory call with a Certified Health Coach. 

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