NHD Level 3 Testing Package

$3,866.00 USD

This level builds upon levels 1 and 2, including an in-depth assessment of one's current health status, cardiovascular health, total toxin burden, gut health, and gluten/wheat sensitivity. Level 3 testing is ideal for anyone looking for an in-depth assessment of immune and gut health, including bacteria, parasites, and digestive markers. Also included is a blood analysis for Lyme disease and other systemic chronic infections.

*** ALL labs include a review with a Certified Natural Heart Doctor Health Coach

Includes 9 tests: Advanced Cardiac, Intracellular Micronutrient, Wheat Zoomer, Heavy Metals, Mycotoxins, Enviro Toxins, Gut Zoomer, Tickborne Complete, and IBSSure

** Please note: Lab tests that are purchased and then cancelled are subject to a 5% fee plus a $35 charge that will be deducted from your refund

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