Triple Toxin Test

$720.00 USD


Are toxins impacting your health? Find out in our comprehensive toxins and metals testing package! 

3 Tests From The Comfort of Your Home…

Test 1

# 1 – Mold

We test for 31 mold mycotoxins. These mycotoxins impair cardiovascular and immune system function, cause inflammation and promote oxidative stress. Mold mycotoxins destroy your immune system.

Test 2

# 2 – Heavy Metals

This urine-based heavy metals panel tests for 20 different toxic metals such as lead, mercury, arsenic, and aluminum. These 20 toxic metals impair immune and cardiovascular function and leave us more susceptible to disease.

Test 3

# 3 – Environmental Toxin

This test assesses over 30 different toxins from pesticides like glyphosate and atrazine, plastics, parabens, phthalates, and VOCs (volatile organic compounds). All negatively impact immune and cardiovascular function and cause inflammation.


Diseases from Toxins Symptoms from Toxins

How It Works

Step 1
Purchase the test. Our office will immediately send you the test kit.
Step 2
Provide a urine sample from the comfort of your home.
Step 3
Send the urine sample and your test kit to our testing lab.
Step 4
We will send you your results, and a Natural Heart Doctor Health coach will review them with you.

Why Natural Heart Doctor Tests?

Our tests help you take charge of your health and wellness. They allow you to know your well-being, aiding in the prevention and early detection of diseases and adverse conditions.

Access and order online. We'll mail you a test kit with instructions. It's fast, simple, and effective. We'll send you the test results, and a certified Natural Heart Doctor health coach will review them with you via video or phone call.

You can trust our test results. We use the world's most advanced tests and reputable labs to get a comprehensive look at your medical condition.

Your information is safe, secure, and confidential. Our reports allow you to understand and manage your health proactively. They provide clear insights into your health status.

Take a proactive step towards better health today. Purchase the Triple Toxin Test today.


** To expedite your order, please include the birthdate of the person that will be using this test in the "Order Notes" section. If it is not included, we will be contacting you to obtain this information before the order can be filled. **

** Please note: Lab tests that are purchased and then cancelled are subject to a 5% fee plus a $35 charge that will be deducted from your refund

***If you are ordering testing on behalf of someone else, please place that person's information in the “SHIP TO” portion of the order and then call our office or email us at so we can gather that patient details. 

If you fail to alert us, you may incur a $35 cancellation/re-order fee.

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